Have An Engorged Lump On Your Foot? See A Podiatrist Right Away

If you have a swollen area or growth on your foot and you aren't sure what the problem is, you want to see a foot specialist. A podiatrist can help you treat the pain, find the cause, and eliminate the symptoms you're suffering from. The pain could be caused by a variety of different issues with the foot and several different conditions. Here are some common treatments for foot problems. Read More 

How Candida Overgrowth Could Be Affecting Your Body

There are innumerable health concerns that people have to deal with on a daily basis. And with everything else going on in their lives on top of taking care of their health, many people do not know which factors to focus on and which to ignore. Candida is one of those potential health issues that does not always get the attention it may warrant. There are several people who might be suffering from a candida overgrowth without even realizing it. Read More 

Pain Management Using Traditional And Non-Traditional Techniques Helps Improve Overall Wellness

When you are in pain, it's important to have your situation properly assessed. Finding the root of your problem may take some time and effort, but it's hard to treat your pain if you don't know what is causing it. While medications may blunt the pain temporarily, solving the problem is the best way to manage pain for the long term. If you are struggling with acute or chronic pain, it's time to meet with your treatment providers to come up with a plan that will help improve your overall wellness. Read More 

Your Persistent Allergic Symptoms May Be Asthma

What you think is an allergy to something in your environment may actually be a mild form of asthma. Nearly 18 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with asthma. If you find yourself fighting to take a breath when you have one of these "allergy" flare-ups, get to a medical clinic for an asthma work-up. Once they suspect asthma as the culprit, you can start treatment to reduce your risk of difficulty breathing. Read More 

Medical Issues That Affect Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, maintaining your health is vital for your job performance and your overall well-being. Certain physical problems are associated with your profession, so you need to invest in preventative measures and a commonsense fitness regime in order to safely stay on the road. Weight Issues Obesity may be the biggest danger that truck drivers face. Almost three-fourths of truck drivers are overweight while 50% are obese. Since obesity is linked to many physical ailments, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, getting your weight under control is vitally important. Read More