Why You Should Use A Urology Billing Service For Your Practice

If you operate a urology practice, you obviously have to bill your patients for your services when they use them. This might be something that you have normally handled in-house, so the idea of hiring a urology billing service might not have crossed your mind yet. However, urology billing services in particular could provide just the services that your practice needs for these reasons. Make Sure They Understand Urology When working with a billing service, it's important for you to make sure that they understand the services that your practice provides. Read More 

A Brief Guide To Online Psychiatric Evaluations

A psychiatric evaluation can be an incredibly useful tool for mental health providers. It can provide a way to assess a client's symptoms and functioning in a more objective manner. There are a few tactics that help ensure that a psychiatric evaluation is comprehensive and accurate. Here are a few ways a licensed provider can conduct an effective psychiatric evaluation.  Asking the Right Questions It is important to ask the right questions during a psychiatric evaluation to get an accurate picture of the client's mental health. Read More 

What Types Of Gender-Affirming Care Are Available ?

Finding gender-affirming care may be daunting to those have realized that they are trans. Despite the freeing nature of realizing your authentic self, it can be overwhelming to realize what possibilities lie before you. Some care may seem obvious, but there is a lot of variety when it comes to gender-affirming care. HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) HRT is the most common medical intervention for trans people. For those who are pursuing a masculinizing HRT, your testosterone will be boosted. Read More 

Stop Doing These Things To Prevent Bloating

Are you dealing with bloating? It's a common condition that impacts most people at some point in their lives.  The good news is that you can prevent bloating by stopping some common activities or by not eating some foods. Here are some things you can do to stop bloating. Stop Drinking Carbonation One of the main culprits of bloating is carbonation. Carbonation is found in soda, beer, and some sparkling waters. Read More 

How A Medicare Enrollment Specialist Can Help You Choose Your Medicare Plan

When the time arrives to purchase your Medicare plan, you may be concerned about your choices. Depending on your health care needs, there are several plans and supplements available. One of the ways you can navigate these different areas of Medicare health care is to go through a Medicare enrollment specialist. Here are the ways that a specialist can help you and can guide you through the various plans available. Read More