3 Reasons Men Pursue Laser Hair Removal

Many people wrongly assume that laser hair removal is just for women. However, laser hair removal is a gender-neutral procedure that both men and women can take advantage of. Men have many reasons for pursuing laser hair removal, just like women do. Three reasons men pursue laser hair removal is for aesthetics, comfort, and easier grooming.  

#1 Aesthetics

Men pursue laser hair removal for aesthetics just as much as women. Some men use laser hair removal to thin out areas of their body that have what they feel is an excessive amount of hair, on locations such as their back, stomach, or chest.

Many men don't want to get rid of all of their body hair, but instead want to thin it out a little bit. Laser hair surgery is a great way for guys with thick body hair to thin out their hair without getting rid of their completely, which can be difficult to achieve with other hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving.

#2 Comfort

Some men have extra hair in areas that make them feel a little uncomfortable. For example, some men have really thick hair around their genitals or their backsides. It can be difficult to shave these areas, and ingrown hairs can be common with either shaving or waxing in these areas, which can be really painful.

Laser hair surgery can provide men with an option to thin out or remove hair around their private parts. This can reduce the need for shaving and waxing around one's private parts, and can increases one's comfort as well.

#3 Easier Grooming

Another reason men pursuing laser hair removal is for easier grooming with facial hair. Laser hair removal can get rid of facial hair that one doesn't want to shave anymore or can be used to thin out really thick facial hair.

Laser hair removal is also used to treat a condition that occurs predominantly in men called pseudofollicultis barbae, or PFD. PFD is where red or dark inflamed bumps appear on the neck. PFD are like extreme ingrown hairs that are trying to grow in all sorts of different directions and can even result in scarring on one's neck and face.

Laser hair removal can get rid of regular ingrown hairs as well as PFD ingrown hairs. After a few sessions, the skin will go back to normal and the swelling and scarring caused by PFD will fade away.

Laser hair removal can also be used to treat recurrent folliculitis, which is basically when certain hair follicles just keep getting inflamed. Recurrent folliculitis leaves on with what appears to be small white-head pimples on their face and neck.

Laser hair removal is a great solution for men whose face and neck don't hold up well to shaving and have to deal with conditions such as PFD and recurrent folliculitis.

Laser hair removal is a gender-neutral procedure that can be used by men and women to remove unwanted hair from one's body or can be used to thin out hair. Laser hair removal takes multiple treatments to work, and the results can vary largely from one individual to the next.