3 Natural Ways To Manage Your Psoriatic Arthritis Pain And Help Reduce The Frequency Of Flare-Ups

Many people with psoriatic arthritis turn to alternative treatment methods to alleviate pain and reduce the frequency of flare-ups. Some are concerned with the side effects of conventional medications used for psoriatic arthritis treatment. While the immunosuppressants used to treat psoriatic arthritis are effective, they can reduce the ability of your immune system to fight disease. Other people who have psoriatic arthritis find that it's still poorly controlled even with conventional treatment and are searching for complementary therapies to relieve their pain. Read More 

How Do You Treat Your Minor Ankle Injury?

If you hurt your ankle playing tennis, running, or even walking around your yard, treat your injury immediately. Even if your injure appears minor, there could still be something seriously wrong with it, including a torn ligament or dislocated joint. If your injury doesn't heal in the right way, you could experience arthritis and other problems in the future. Here are things you may do to treat your minor ankle injury before it gets worse. Read More