3 Things That May Increase Risk For Post-Rhinoplasty Complications

Rhinoplasty is also known as a "nose job," and while most people who undergo this type of surgery enjoy uneventful recoveries, post-operative complications can arise. Here are three things that may raise your risk for post-surgical complications following your rhinoplasty: Smoking Cigarette smoking can delay healing after surgery. The toxins in smoke impairs circulation and can cause damage to the tiny capillaries of the nasal tissues, diminishing blood flow. Adequate blood flow is essential in the healing process, and when it is impaired, the risk for infection rises. Read More 

It’s Time: 3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Home Healthcare Agency

Your parents are getting up in years. It's becoming more difficult for them to care for their daily needs, including remembering when it's time to take their medications. If it's not the time to bring them home with you or place them in an assisted living facility, you might want to consider speaking to a home health care agency. Hiring home health care workers may be the way to allow your parents the benefit of living at home while having someone available to assist them throughout the day. Read More 

Two Tips For Helping You Lose Weight

Being overweight can have profound impacts on both your appearance and your weight. Unfortunately, losing weight can be an exceedingly difficult task for many people. If you have found yourself struggling with successfully losing weight, you might benefit from using the following couple of tips to help give you the best chance for achieving your desired weight. Avoid Weighing Every Day When you first start trying to lose weight, it can be easy to become almost obsessed with weighing. Read More 

The Connection Between Acne And Insulin

Insulin is a natural hormone in your body that controls the sugar level in your blood. What you may not realize about insulin is that it may have some effects on the acne you have on your skin. Although researchers have not fully found all the connections between insulin and acne, they do believe that keeping your insulin level balanced is vital for acne prevention and treatment. Here are three things to understand about this. Read More 

Relieving Neck Pain

People who suffer from chronic neck pain often awake each morning with a groan. If you have this problem, you probably spend a lot of time trying to get your neck to loosen up so you can go about your daily tasks. Fortunately, you can make some adjustments at home that may help relieve your neck agony. Sleep Position Experts caution that you should sleep with your neck in a " Read More