3 Mistakes People Make With The Elimination Diet To Determine Food Allergies

Food allergies plague a lot of people, but food allergies are not a type of allergy that are as easily diagnosed as other allergies. The best way to see if you are allergic to certain foods is to eliminate them from your diet for a bit to see if your symptoms persist. The elimination diet is often recommended by an allergist as a first attempt of diagnosing food allergies. However, even the elimination diet has room for error, so there are certain things you do have to try to remember. Read More 

3 Natural Ways To Manage Your Psoriatic Arthritis Pain And Help Reduce The Frequency Of Flare-Ups

Many people with psoriatic arthritis turn to alternative treatment methods to alleviate pain and reduce the frequency of flare-ups. Some are concerned with the side effects of conventional medications used for psoriatic arthritis treatment. While the immunosuppressants used to treat psoriatic arthritis are effective, they can reduce the ability of your immune system to fight disease. Other people who have psoriatic arthritis find that it's still poorly controlled even with conventional treatment and are searching for complementary therapies to relieve their pain. Read More 

How Do You Treat Your Minor Ankle Injury?

If you hurt your ankle playing tennis, running, or even walking around your yard, treat your injury immediately. Even if your injure appears minor, there could still be something seriously wrong with it, including a torn ligament or dislocated joint. If your injury doesn't heal in the right way, you could experience arthritis and other problems in the future. Here are things you may do to treat your minor ankle injury before it gets worse. Read More 

Hearing And Speech: Why You Should See An Audiologist If Your Child Has A Speech Delay

Is your young child having trouble talking? If he or she has yet to reach such an important milestone and is past the average age that children normally are when they begin saying certain words and phrases, there could be an issue going on that you are unaware of. While some children are naturally just late talkers, other children may have a hard time speaking because they are not hearing very clearly. Read More 

Teen Mental Health: Helpful Information For Parents

The teenage years are an emotionally charged period for the entire family. For some teens, however, this phase is when mental health issues first surface. This can mean that even loving, observant parents may find themselves unable to recognize the signs that their child is struggling with a mental health issue.  The need for extreme privacy Teens are undergoing massive hormonal and physical changes that can make them moody, irritable, and anxious. Read More