Giving Birth For The First Time? Talk To Your OB GYN About Prolapsed Bladders

Women who are giving birth are undergoing one of the most beautiful and satisfying experiences they will ever have in their life. Unfortunately, they may be unprepared for certain issues that can cause extreme levels of pain. One of these is a prolapsed bladder. Understanding this issue can help you and your OB doctor to take steps to prevent or treat it. Pelvic Organ Prolapses Are Painful A bladder prolapse falls under what is known as a pelvic organ prolapse. Read More 

Signs That It’s Time To Consider Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome, an inflammation of the hand and wrist that can cause severe pain, affects many people. It often targets those who sit at a computer all day and who perform repetitive movements with their hands. Depending on the severity of your carpal tunnel syndrome, there can be several different things that you do to control the discomfort. Getting regular massages, treating the pain with ice, wearing braces, and more can all help to keep the symptoms at bay. Read More