3 Surprising Signs Of The Flu In Children

As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and happy throughout their lives. However, all children will face one or more illnesses at one point in time. In many cases, you can prevent these illnesses with proper care. Unfortunately, preventing the spread of certain viruses can be difficult and almost impossible. Therefore, it is important to know that signs that your child has contacted serious viruses, such as the flu.

Fever, fatigue, and body aches are common signs of the flu virus in children, but there are other symptoms to watch for. If you are noticing one or more of the following signs, see a doctor immediately to determine if your child has the flu.

Difficulty Breathing

If your child has a respiratory infection, asthma, or even allergies, they may struggle to breathe slightly. If your child has the flu and it has progressed to a severe state, their breathing may become even more difficult.

Children with the flu may have labored breathing, preventing them from taking deep breaths. The flu can also cause your child to take short, rapid breaths in an attempt to catch their breath. Your child may also feel pressure and pain in their chest due to the virus causing inflammation in the lungs and airway.

Dark Urine

If your child has been sick for a few days, pay attention to their urine. Healthy urine should be a clear yellow color that is free of sediment and debris. If your child's urine is a darker yellow or even brown color, they are severely dehydrated and need to be seen by a doctor immediately.

Children with the flu and other viruses may feel nauseous, reducing their ability to eat. This nausea can also lead to vomiting and the virus can also cause your child to have diarrhea.

Without drinking water and other fluids continuously during their illness, they will become dehydrated. Intravenous fluids may be necessary if your child's flu virus has led to dehydration.


In certain cases of the flu virus, children experienced no other symptoms besides the development of hives on their body. These rashes are a sign that the body's immune system is attempting to fight off a virus or infection.

The hives may be itchy or not and your child may not even have any other signs that they are sick. If you notice these hives, make sure to have your child tested for the flu or another virus.

From breathing struggles and dehydration to the development of hives, learning a few other signs of the flu is essential so your child receives the proper treatment. Contact a clinic, like Pediatric Urgent Care - firefly after hours, for more help.