3 Tips For Selecting A Power Wheelchair Or Scooter

Power wheelchairs and scooters are imperative for many people with physical limitations to give them independence. When you are in the market for a new power wheelchair, there are certain factors you should consider to get the most from your mobility equipment:

Consider Weight

You must take into account the weight capacity of your power wheelchair and its overall weight. Among your option, try to select the one with the highest weight capacity and lowest overall weight. Since your goal is to select a power wheelchair with a long lifespan, you must take into account changes in your weight and any items you will carry to ensure your wheelchair will accommodate your changing needs. A lower overall weight will help minimize strain on the motor and possibly allow it to last longer before it needs to be replaced.

Choose A Better Turning Radius

The turning radius of your power wheelchair or scooter will dictate maneuverability. In general, power scooters have a smaller turning radius, because they typically have a sleeker design and are built to function better in different circumstances, such as shopping or moving around outdoors. If you plan to use your power wheelchair indoors only, a smaller turning radius can make it easier to utilize your wheelchair inside your home or in congested areas, such as the grocery store. For people who frequently go on trips, do shopping, or otherwise have active lifestyles, it might be more useful to invest in a power scooter for the best versatility.

Think About Battery Life

A long battery life is essential if you will use your power wheelchair outside of your home. When selecting your mobility device, try to select the option with the most use from a single charge. In general, the battery life of power wheelchairs is measured in miles. Of course, the amount of use you will gain from a single charge will vary based on the amount of weight the wheelchair is carrying and how long you had the same battery. Over time, you can expect to gain fewer miles out of a single charge like other rechargeable batteries. Whenever possible, it is important to invest in a backup battery to take with you or to have if the power goes out and you cannot charge the battery currently in your wheelchair.

Purchasing a power wheelchair or scooter is a significant investment, so it is important to find an option that gives you the most versatility. Choosing sturdy, powerful options will help your mobility device last longer.

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