Three Foot Ailments That Should Warrant A Visit To The Podiatrist

Issues with your feet can leave you in pain and occasionally embarrassed, but not seeking the help of a medical professional should never be an option. If you feel that your feet aren't as healthy as you'd like, your first phone call should be to a podiatrist's clinic to describe the issue and ask if a podiatry appointment is the right approach to take. In many cases the answer you receive will be positive and you'll be able to promptly make your appointment to start the healing process. Read More 

Protect Yourself: 3 Reasons To Be Regularly Tested For A Sexually Transmitted Infection

Becoming sexually active comes with many risk factors, one of which is the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. You now have the responsibility to get screened regularly because one in every five Americans will contract a sexually transmitted infection in their lifetime and not even know it. If left untreated, a sexually transmitted infection can lead to other health issues and in worst cases, death. It may seem embarrassing to check, but on the contrary, it is the most responsible thing that a person who is sexually active to do. Read More 

Preparing For Your First Colonoscopy: Practical Tips For You

When the time comes in your life where you need a colonoscopy procedure, you may find yourself in an unfamiliar situation and feel unsure or even a bit nervous. However, a colonoscopy is a routine procedure that everyone should go through several times throughout their adult lives. To get yourself prepared for your first colonoscopy procedure, there are some steps you should take and things you should know about the procedure. Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider A Wellness Center Over A Gym

When you want to improve your health and/or lose weight, you may be pondering becoming a gym member. Although there are benefits to joining a gym, you may find a wellness center better meets your needs. Comprehensive Services Many wellness centers provide comprehensive services, whereas a gym is usually focused on exercise. You may find your local wellness center offers different types of testing, which can help on your weight loss and fitness journey. Read More 

3 Tips To Prevent Common Injuries On Your Youth Soccer Team

Do you coach your child's soccer team? Or are you a parent who is concerned about preventing common injuries? Soccer is an extremely popular youth sport, but because it requires constant movement and sometimes physical contact, soccer can lead to a wide variety of injuries. Sprains, ligament and tendon tears, and even concussions can all happen over the course of a soccer game. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent injury. Read More