Asthma Care Tips: Animal Dander Can Be Present In A Home That Has No Pets

Asthma attacks are often caused by animal fur, particularly in those who are allergic to pet hair. However even those who have no animals in their home aren't safe, as it is possible to drag dander into the home on their clothes without even realizing it.

It Can Cling On Clothes

When visiting friends with pets, those with asthma may not realize how easy it is to get dander on their clothes. Petting a dog or cat or letting them sit on your lap will obviously transfer it to the clothes. However, even if a person keeps away from animals, sitting on a couch that has been sat on by a pet can transfer it to clothes.

The worst part is that this it won't always take the form of hair. Dander can be simply pieces of dead skin or sweat that has soaked into clothes without visible effect. This type may then stubbornly cling to a person's clothes until they get home.

It Can Then Turn To Dust

When pet fur ends up in a home, it often gets collected in corners and on the floor into dust. Dust is made up of a variety of biological items, including skin, that can contribute to asthma attacks. For those who are allergic to animals, pet droppings and fur in dust is a major problem because it can end up getting inhaled and triggering a dangerous asthma attack.

That's why it is important to remove dust regularly and keep a home free from this dangerous asthma trigger. It is also important to manage pet dander influence in a home, especially that which comes in on clothes after visiting a friend. Thankfully it isn't too hard to keep a home free of it with just a little bit of work.

Removing It From Clothes

Whenever visiting a home that has pets, it is important for those with asthma to clean their clothes of this dander. This includes using a lint brush when they get home to wipe off any visible bits of it and then to using hypo-allergenic pet wipes to neutralize any allergic effects. These should only be used on dark clothes, as they can stain lighter clothes.

Vacuuming these clothes with a HEPA-filter vacuum can also help. This is particularly true if the person is wearing the clothing when vacuuming them, as this gives them a sturdy surface for the process. After taking them off, they must be cleaned in the hottest possible water to eliminate the dangers of pet danger and neutralize their allergenic potential.

By following this process, those who suffer from asthma attacks due to pets can be safe in their own home. It is a simple procedure, one that just about anyone can implement without suffering from serious problems. To learn more, contact a company like Cookingham Allergy & Asthma Associates, P.C. for allergy and asthma trigger help.