Tips For Saving Money On Eyeglasses

Is your vision less than perfect? Are you in need of glasses to be able to see normally?

Although glasses can be necessary, it can be difficult to find vision insurance that will cover their purchase and replacement. As a result, having normal sight can be an expensive dream for too many people. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on eyeglasses so that you don't have to choose between paying bills and being able to see well enough to go to work. You have a few options on ways to make sure you can see:

Don't just rely on advertised sales: Although an advertised sale can be a great way to get eyeglasses inexpensively, you may not realize that you could get an even better deal than the discounts that are being advertised on TV or in the Sunday paper. For example, sometimes you can get a significant discount for being a student, for being a former member of the military, or even for working for a certain employer. While you may not be able to get these discounts taken off of the sale price, you may be able to stack any applicable discounts and get your eyeglasses at a lower cost than someone who just goes by what the ads say.

Buy glasses separately: Sometimes, eyeglasses can be included with the cost of an eye exam. Unfortunately, once you add in the cost of bifocal lenses, protective coatings, and other upgrade options, you may find the final total to be too much for your budget. In cases like this, it can make more financial sense to pay for the eye exam and your glasses at separate locations. What you may not have realized is that any optician or optometrist that you give your prescription to is able to make eyeglasses for you. You absolutely do not need to have an eye exam at the shop where you buy your glasses as long as your prescription is recent enough.

Use your health savings plan: Although you might not have separate vision insurance, your health savings plan may cover some or all of the cost of your eyeglasses. If you rarely get sick and don't use your savings plan normally, this can be a great way to use your benefits without allowing them to go to waste. This information isn't always obvious when you're going over your insurance paperwork, but your insurance representatives should be able to tell you whether or not your savings plan applies to eye exams and glasses or if you'll need to pay for everything out of pocket.