Little One Feeling Sick? 3 Signs It’s Time to Head to the Doctor

Cold and flu season is here. If you've got kids, you're probably prepared for a few sick days. Most seasonal bugs will go through your kids in a day or two, without medical assistance being necessary. However, there are some bugs that will attach themselves to your kids and not let go. It can be tough to tell when it's time to head to the doctor. The last thing you want to do is risk exposing your child to a serious illness by heading to the doctor too soon. Read More 

Asthma Care Tips: Animal Dander Can Be Present In A Home That Has No Pets

Asthma attacks are often caused by animal fur, particularly in those who are allergic to pet hair. However even those who have no animals in their home aren't safe, as it is possible to drag dander into the home on their clothes without even realizing it. It Can Cling On Clothes When visiting friends with pets, those with asthma may not realize how easy it is to get dander on their clothes. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Eyeglasses

Is your vision less than perfect? Are you in need of glasses to be able to see normally? Although glasses can be necessary, it can be difficult to find vision insurance that will cover their purchase and replacement. As a result, having normal sight can be an expensive dream for too many people. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on eyeglasses so that you don't have to choose between paying bills and being able to see well enough to go to work. Read More 

3 Things You Can Do To Maximize Your Physical Therapy Success In Between Sessions

If you've recently lost some range of motion due to an injury or an illness, it's possible your primary care physician will refer you to physical therapy. While your physical therapist will likely be able to come up with a program that will get you back on track, you don't have to wait for your next session to continue the healing process. There are plenty of things you can do on your own time in between sessions that can help maximize the chances of your physical therapy program being successful. Read More 

Got German Ancestry? Weird Genetic Diseases You May Experience

Each area of the globe contributes to some bizarre medical condition and its origins. Elephantiasis, for example, is a fibromatosis and lymphatic disorder caused by an African parasite. Similar regional fibromatosis disorders occur around the globe and some are even genetically connected to your country of ancestral origin. The following genetic diseases are examples of fibromatoses related to Germanic and Viking or Scandinavian bloodlines. Ledderhose Disease The German word ledderhose means "leather breeches" Read More