5 Reasons To Track ICU Performance With Benchmarking

Whether you hire an independent intensive care unit (ICU) consultant or track performance in house, benchmarking is one of the most valuable tools for everyone in the unit to learn how they're functioning together as a whole. When done correctly, benchmarking shows both long-term trends and recent developments that are impacting the care your patients receive. Still struggling to convince your ICU management team that tracking certain benchmarks is worth the extra effort? Read More 

A Guide to Getting Regular Massages

In order to get the most out of your health, you'll need to be certain that you get the best service. On top of regular visits to the doctor, you'll need to look into some alternative treatments that are holistically healthy. There are various forms of massage therapy that you can take part in and your health will be better for it for the long run. In this regard, follow these tips below so that you can get all that you need. Read More 

Do You Have Hypertension? How a Primary Care Doctor Can Help

If you've been diagnosed with hypertension, you may be wondering what that means exactly and what caused it. You'll also likely want to know how to treat it. Read on for a basic overview of what hypertension is and how you can treat it. What Is It? Hypertension occurs when the exertion of blood against your vessels is far too high. Strangely enough, there aren't really any symptoms of hypertension. But if the issue is left unchecked, it can lead to serious conditions, like heart disease. Read More 

2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Urinary Catheter After A Radical Prostatectomy

After being discharged from the hospital after having a radical prostatectomy for your prostate cancer treatment, you probably have a urinary catheter going home with you. If so, use the following tips along with your doctor's instructions to take care of the catheter during the one or two weeks that you will have it. Wear Loose-Fitting Cotton Underwear While you are living with your catheter, you most likely have two goals. Read More 

3 Tips For Selecting A Power Wheelchair Or Scooter

Power wheelchairs and scooters are imperative for many people with physical limitations to give them independence. When you are in the market for a new power wheelchair, there are certain factors you should consider to get the most from your mobility equipment: Consider Weight You must take into account the weight capacity of your power wheelchair and its overall weight. Among your option, try to select the one with the highest weight capacity and lowest overall weight. Read More