Starting Portion Control Training? How to Make the Program More Effective

If you're overweight, you're not alone. Roughly 42% of American's over the age of 20 years of age are obese. If you're struggling to lose weight, but fad diets aren't working, portion control training can help. Overeating can add to the extra weight that you're carrying around. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to control your portions, especially if you don't know how to do it. That's where portion control training comes into the picture. Portion control training can help you get your overeating under control so that you can lose weight. Here are four simple tips to help make your portion control training more effective. 

Invest in New Dinnerware

If you're trying to get your portions under control, it's time to invest in new dinnerware. You might not realize this, but the size of your dinnerware plays a big role in portion size. For instance, if you have large plates, you're more likely to make your servings larger as well. To reduce your portion size, you need to toss out your old dinnerware, especially those larger plates and bowls. 

Measure Out Your Servings

If you're ready to get your portions under control, now's the time to start measuring your servings. If you're not sure how to measure your portions, you can use your standard kitchen measuring cups. For instance, an eight-ounce cup is the perfect serving size for your vegetables and fruit. Once you get used to measuring your servings, you'll gain better control of your servings. 

Time Your Second Helpings

If you're trying to get your overeating under control, it's time to take a closer look at your second helpings. Second helpings can sabotage your weight loss efforts. One way to get a handle on your second helpings is to give yourself some time. Instead of serving up the second helping as soon as you clean your plate, give your food a chance to settle. If you're still hungry after your food has settled, go ahead and give yourself a second helping. 

Take Your Meals at the Table

If you like to eat your meals in front of the television, now's the time to change the way you eat. You might not realize this, but eating in front of the television can increase your risk of overeating. That's why you should eat your meals at the table, whenever possible. That way, you can focus on your meal, instead of the television. 

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