Examples Of Gases To Buy From A Reputable Medical Gas Outlets Supply

As a facilities manager for a large hospital, you are responsible for ensuring that your facility's physicians have the resources they need to treat patients. Along with providing them with scalpels and gurneys, you also must provide them with medical gases. To ensure that you supply them with the right kinds of gases, you need to know what ones that most medical gas outlets supply for hospitals like yours. These gases are some to buy from a reputable medical gas outlets supply company.


Oxygen is perhaps the most common gas that medical gas outlets provide to hospitals. It is used to treat patients who do not get enough air into their airways. Medical gas outlets supply companies typically do not deliver pure oxygen but instead a combination that provides anywhere from 30 to 40 percent oxygen that is stored in pressurized tanks. 

Oxygen is used in just about every patient room in the hospital. You must supply it to key areas like the emergency room and surgical areas. Each patient room likewise must be equipped with oxygen to treat patients in emergencies.

Carton Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is another gas that you must provide your physicians with for treating patients. This gas is used for procedures like colonoscopies and laparoscopic operations. It is used to inflate people's abdomens and colons so doctors can see clearly what is wrong inside of a patient's body.

However, carbon dioxide is also used for procedures like cryotherapy and for treating vascular illnesses. It is used to freeze and remove warts and cataracts. Your medical gas outlets supplier will ensure that your carbon dioxide is mixed to the right concentrate level and not dangerous to use on patients.

Nitrous Oxide

Finally, a reputable medical gas outlets supplier can provide you with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a gas that is used for anesthetic purposes. It is combined with oxygen and administered to patients who must undergo surgery.

Pure nitrous oxide is toxic for a person to inhale. To ensure the safety of your hospital's patients, you need to order nitrous oxide from a supplier that can mix it with appropriate amounts of oxygen to make it safe to use.

These medical gases are some to order from medical gas outlets. They allow your doctors to keep patients stable. They also are used for certain medical procedures and to put patients asleep prior to undergoing surgery.