What Is The Importance Of Preventative Care?

Those preventative care appointments throughout the year may seem like an inconvenience to schedule, but they are actually crucial to your well-being in many ways:

Prevention Prevents

It may sound like a no-brainer that if you could avoid getting heart disease or other grave illnesses by visiting a doctor once a year, you would do it. It can be tough to keep your eyes on the prize when you visit the doctor each year and nothing major turns up. But the value of preventative care is in the small course corrections it helps you make.

Say you go to the doctor one year and they make you aware of high blood sugar. They give you some small life interventions to help keep your blood sugar levels on track. The next year, the results are better. If you had skipped a few years of preventative care, you might have developed even worse health habits that would be harder to break. And the years of high blood sugar could take an irreversible toll on your body.

You Don't Get Younger

Monitoring the progression of illness and aging is important because you can't go backward, but only forward in years. The sooner you are made aware of an issue, the sooner you can get to curbing its effect on your body. Things like arterial damage can't be reversed, only worked around. Eye damage is cumulative, so get an eye exam yearly to curb the progression of vision loss or illness.

Lower Costs

Another way to think about it is through the costs to yourself and the health care system overall. If you are able to prevent a disease for yourself through preventative care, you'll save the money that you would have spent on potential treatment visits, medications, and surgeries. The health care system overall can also save money when fewer people have diseases, meaning they can offer lower insurance rates to everyone. It's a cyclical system that makes economic sense for everyone. And the great thing is that most preventative care visits are covered by health insurance plans.

Adequate Health Care Coverage

What alleviates the burden of going to preventative care screenings? Having health care that eliminates your co-pay as a reward for taking care of yourself. Check for quality health insurance plans that prioritize preventative care. If you can roll in a comprehensive dental and vision insurance plan with preventative visits, you'll be in great shape.

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