Have An Engorged Lump On Your Foot? See A Podiatrist Right Away

If you have a swollen area or growth on your foot and you aren't sure what the problem is, you want to see a foot specialist. A podiatrist can help you treat the pain, find the cause, and eliminate the symptoms you're suffering from. The pain could be caused by a variety of different issues with the foot and several different conditions. Here are some common treatments for foot problems.

Bunion Removal

If you have a sore that is increasing in size on the side of your foot or near your toes, the problem could be a bunion. A bunion is a growth that progressively increases in size, and you may need to have it removed to prevent further irritation, to stop the pain, and to prevent it from increasing in size any more than it already is. Talk with the podiatrist about removal options and recovery time.

Antibiotic Injection

The swollen area and pain could be caused by an infection in one of the toes or the foot. If you have a small cut or skin irritation and it becomes infected or a fungus spreads, this can cause a lot of pain. You may need to take oral antibiotics or have an antibiotic injected into the area of the infection. If you are running a fever, feeling ill, or having other internal signs of an infection, you want to seek medical treatment right away.

Bone Spur Surgery

Bone spurs occur when you have bones rubbing against other bones in the feet. If you have a bone spur sticking out of your foot, you'll need to have surgery, and you'll want to get orthotic shoes to prevent more pain in the future. This procedure should be able to be completed endoscopically, and recovery time will be based on the severity of the bone spur and how much damage there was to the bone and tissues.

If you aren't sure what is causing the pain but you can see an obvious lump in your foot and the pain is becoming so unbearable that you can't walk or put on shoes comfortably, it's time to get some help from a podiatrist or another foot surgeon or specialist. You want to preserve and maintain your feet so you can use them with ease for a lifetime, so don't ignore the problem or let it go any longer without diagnosis and treatment.

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