Relieving Neck Pain

People who suffer from chronic neck pain often awake each morning with a groan. If you have this problem, you probably spend a lot of time trying to get your neck to loosen up so you can go about your daily tasks. Fortunately, you can make some adjustments at home that may help relieve your neck agony.

Sleep Position

Experts caution that you should sleep with your neck in a "neutral" position. This advice means you need to support the curve in your neck without pushing it forward or allowing it to fall backward. Too often, you may prop yourself up on pillows that take your neck out of its proper position, almost assuring that you will be in pain come morning. You may do much of this damage while you are reading a book or watching TV before you shut off the lights. When you are ready to sleep, you should either sleep on your side or your back with a pillow that fits your neck. You may need to try a variety of pillows before you find the right one for you, but the search is definitely worth it. 

Neck Exercises

Simply taking the time each day to do a few basic neck exercises can help alleviate your pain. Warming up your muscles first with a heating pad can make doing these moves easier and more effective. Neck stretches done several times a day can help relieve the stiffness that you feel while keeping your range of motion intact. When you have neck pain, you may unconsciously limit your motion, eventually losing some range in the process. In addition, you should work on strengthening your neck muscles several times a week with exercises such as the chin tuck. When you have stronger muscles, you should have less pain. 

Medical Intervention

You should visit either your internist or chiropractor for help in getting your neck back in place. A medical professional like can also help you with pain management and additional exercises to improve your condition. In addition, a medical exam can determine if a serious underlying medical condition is causing your pain, such as compressed discs or nerve damage. 

You may have to live with a certain level of discomfort if you have chronic neck problems, but you can minimize your discomfort by paying attention to your sleep position and doing some exercises. Check with your doctor and begin your journey toward a less painful life.