How To Prevent Bladder Issues

Women are particularly susceptible to bladder problems, an often painful and frequently embarrassing issue that can make daily life harder than it needs to be. Fortunately, you may not have to tolerate these problems if you monitor the health of your bladder. You can take steps avoid prevent bladder problems and help keep your bladder healthy throughout your life. 

Complete Elimination

As a woman, you can help prevent bladder infections by completely emptying your bladder when you urinate. Sometimes when you are in a hurry to get back to your desk or are interrupted by a child, you may clench your muscles and end things before your bladder is empty. You need to take those few extra seconds to make certain the stream is not closed off too soon. Otherwise, bacteria may back up into your system and cause an infection. 


Drinking enough fluids is important to your bladder's health. You need to consume approximately eight glasses of water every day to keep things flowing the way they need to. If your bladder doesn't get enough of a workout, it gets used to holding only small amounts of fluid, which can make it cranky and "sensitive." Since all of your organs work better when you drink enough fluids, this simple step is essential to your overall health. 

Unhealthy Substances

What you avoid is as important as what you consume when it comes to bladder health. For women with a tendency to bladder infections, caffeine can be a real problem. It can irritate your bladder and help lead to an "unbalanced" environment, one that is too acidic. As a result, you should avoid foods like chocolate, soda, and coffee. Also, limit anything that is too spicy. In short, a breakfast of burritos and orange juice is going to wreak havoc on the state of your bladder. As always, everything in moderation is your best bet when it comes to your health.

Keeping your bladder healthy can be more difficult for women due to their increased risk of developing a bladder infection or other bladder condition. Simple steps such as drinking enough fluid and avoiding irritating food and drink can help maintain optimum bladder health. In addition, completely emptying your bladder when you urinate can help prevent bladder issues as well. Bladder problems are often quite uncomfortable as well as occasionally humiliating.  Work to prevent these issues by actively cultivating you bladder's health. For more information, contact clinics like Alliance For Women's Health, Inc.