3 Reasons To Consider A Wellness Center Over A Gym

When you want to improve your health and/or lose weight, you may be pondering becoming a gym member. Although there are benefits to joining a gym, you may find a wellness center better meets your needs.

Comprehensive Services

Many wellness centers provide comprehensive services, whereas a gym is usually focused on exercise. You may find your local wellness center offers different types of testing, which can help on your weight loss and fitness journey. For example, your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is a useful test to help you determine how many calories your body naturally burns without exercising. Since most calculators only give you an estimate of your basal metabolic rate (BMR), a physical test of your RMR will be an accurate assessment of the number of calories you should consume each day to lose or maintain your current weight.

Other resources are often available at wellness centers, such as nutrition counseling, classes for people with certain chronic diseases and smoking cessation help. Since wellness and fitness are not just contingent upon the number on the scale, you will likely find more resources that work with your individual needs.

A Lower-Stress Environment

You may find a wellness center environment is less intimidating than a traditional gym, especially if you are overweight or have physical limitations. Since some fitness centers work with area hospitals or doctor offices, many of the people are trying to lose weight, improve health conditions or attend as part of their physical therapy. This environment can be more comfortable and you may worry less about being judged than when you attend a gym. The more comfortable you are in the environment, the more you can focus on your goals and not feel like fitness is a chore.

More Affordable Options

Many companies, cities and medical networks offer discounts to wellness centers for their employees in a push to reduce healthcare costs and illness. Additionally, you should check your healthcare coverage to determine if certain wellness-related services are covered in your plan. Sometimes you may need a referral from your physician for nutrition counseling and preventative services that might be offered by an in-network wellness center for it to be covered by your insurance. You may find opportunities offered by your employer or insurance make wellness centers a more affordable option than a gym.

Although there are various options to improve your health, you should choose options that best fit your needs and keep you motivated long-term. When you need to lose weight, improve your fitness or want an extra push to live a healthy lifestyle, a wellness center might be a better option than a traditional gym. Contact a wellness center in your area for more information.