Boost Your Loved One’s Morale And Help Them Maintain Their Health After They Move To A Nursing Home

If one of your parents has recently moved to a nursing home, adjusting to their new environment may make time and cause them to feel isolated in the meantime. Help them overcome negative feelings by participating in some activities with them that will help boost their morale and help them maintain their health.

Go On A Nature Walk And Make A Scrapbook

Walk the grounds of the nursing home with your parent and take photographs of the trees, plants, and flowers that are native to the area. Include photographs of you and your loved one enjoying the breathtaking scenery. After the film has been developed, set up a time to create a scrapbook with your parent. Place the pictures inside of the scrapbook and create captions for each photo on self-adhesive labels. The scrapbook will provide your parent with fond memories that they can share with other residents at the nursing home. 

Inquire About Exercise Programs

Inquire about programs that are offered at the nursing home. Many facilities offer classes that will allow your loved one to maintain their physique while meeting other like-minded individuals. If classes are not offered, bring some exercise equipment of your own when you come to meet with your parent.

Set up a couple mats, portable radio, and rubber balls outdoors on a flat surface. Show your parent some simple stretching exercises and have them practice them with you. Pass the ball back and forth while listening to some soothing music. Your parent will feel rejuvenated and more optimistic after spending time outdoors participating in physical activities.

Participate In Day Trips

Many activities are offered to residents at nursing homes that involve leaving the grounds for a couple hours. A local museum, library, flea market or farmer's market are all places that your parent may enjoy visiting. Attend each planned event with your loved one. Take photographs of all of the sights that you and your parent see. Give a copy of each one to them so that they can reflect back upon them in the future. Continue to plan new activities to participate in with your parent so that they constantly have something to look forward to.

After setting up activities on a regular basis for you and your parent to participate in, your loved one may feel more optimistic about staying at the nursing home and can continue to maintain their health by remaining active.

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