When to See a Gastroenterologist about Frequent Stomach Growling

If you often find yourself in business meetings, at church or other quiet places and your stomach growls and roars embarrassingly, it may be time to find a gastroenterologist to try to tame that baby lion.

Every Stomach Growls

You are not alone in your embarrassment. Everybody has experienced annoying stomach sounds at times, and some stomachs are just noisier than others.

Common Reasons Why your Stomach Growls

The growling sounds occur because the muscles of your stomach and small intestines are doing their job. Although digestion is one of the main reasons that your stomach rumbles, the absence of food can result in these noises as well. After about 2 hours, receptors in the stomach note that no food has been consumed and this lack of food initiates peristaltic action. This natural process pushes the remaining mucous, food, and bacteria left in your stomach and small intestine down into the terminal ileum. After not eating for a couple of hours, your blood sugar may decrease, and this instigates the muscular action as well.

Preventing Annoying Stomach Growling

If you need to do a presentation in front of your colleagues or you worry that your stomach will start protesting while taking a test or you are in another quiet environment, there are things you can do to help keep your stomach quiet. An empty stomach is often noisier than a full one; therefore, it may be helpful to eat a small snack before you find yourself in front of a group of people or in a quiet room with others. Stress can also activate the stomach and intestinal muscles that result in loud rumbles from your abdomen. Try relaxation exercises if you are going to give a speech, such as deep breathing or stretching. Distract your mind from your nervousness by focusing on how well you know the information and visualize yourself giving the most informative speech you can possibly give or passing the test with an excellent grade.

When to Visit a Gastroenterologist

If the frequent gurgling of your stomach is often accompanied by cramping in your tummy, it may be time to visit a specialist. Other issues that can indicate problems in the gastrointestinal system include pain, acid reflux, vomiting, or irregularity along with the gurgling. If you are often bloated or lethargic, experience nausea or acid reflux, or simply feel unwell, it is time to consult a specialist. Find a gastroenterologist in your area to get the relief you need.