Addressing Two Of Your Concerns About Asbestos

Being a responsible homeowner can be a difficult task because there are many different threats that you must protect your home and family from. Among the more common threats in older homes is asbestos. This is a substance that has the potential to cause deadly illnesses, and it should be no surprise that homeowners are encouraged to have this material removed if it is present.

However, there are many people that lack the knowledge needed to understand this common threat, but learning the following couple of questions and answers should help you to make better decisions for your home's needs:

When Should You Have A Home Inspected For Asbestos?

Unfortunately, it can be almost impossible to determine whether or not asbestos is present in your home through a visual inspection. Rather, samples of suspected asbestos containing materials will need to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Luckily, there are professionals that can perform this inspection for you to make sure that you do not overlook a potentially containment material.

Generally, you should have this inspection done before buying or selling a home and before any construction or renovations are started on the property. You may be held legally liable for selling a home that contains asbestos and performing construction around this material can cause the harmful fibers to become airborne. Yet, these issues can both be avoided by simply requesting this type of inspection for your home.

Why Was Such A Harmful Substance So Widely Used?

While asbestos was most commonly used in insulation, it was also often used in a variety of items ranging from tile flooring to roofing shingles. Not surprisingly, there are many people that may be baffled as to why this harmful material was so prevalent in construction projects.

This largely stems from the fact that this material has excellent insulation properties, and it is remarkably affordable when compared to other alternatives. 

When it was realized the extreme health risks that were posed by this substance, laws were passed to greatly minimize its usage. While asbestos can still be found in some materials, it is no longer a common ingredient for the materials being used during a building project.

The presence of asbestos in your home can be a major threat to you and your family. Sadly, many homeowners have little knowledge or experience with this material, but learning when you should have your home inspected and why this material was so common will help you to protect your family from this hazard.

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