A Few Tips For Feeling Good Throughout Allergy Season

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you probably have a medicine cabinet full of antihistamines and decongestants. Some of these medicines will cause you to feel drowsy or feel like you are in a fog. You won't be sneezing or feel all stuffed up, but still won't be feeling great either. You may also see an immunology doctor regularly for shots to desensitize your immune system from the things that bother you the most. However, until your body adjusts, and learns to accept the invasion of the allergens, you will still feel bad when they are plentiful in the air. To help combat the symptoms of allergies, here are a few things you can do that will help you get through the day when you cannot avoid the things you are allergic to.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Regular exercise and avoiding junk foods will not stop the way your body reacts to the allergens. It will, however, reduce the pain and suffering you feel when they are present. Exercise will increase your lung capacity, increasing the amount of oxygen your brain and each cell in your body receives every time you inhale. With more oxygen in your system, the allergens become diluted and will not affect you as much. In addition, eating properly gives your body more energy to fight off the symptoms you feel when exposed to the things that make you feel bad.

Proper Hygiene

After being outside, or in an area with dust mites or other indoor allergens, it is important that you bathe. Particles of pollen, dust and animal dander can stick to your body and hair so that even when you are no longer in the area with them, you are still taking them into your system with every breath. Make sure you change your clothes and put the ones you were wearing in a closable hamper or directly into the washer.

Control the Air Inside

Keep your windows closed and use an air conditioner to keep the house cool. Invest in some type of air purifier to rid your home of any allergens that do get inside. It is also important to vacuum your home daily, using a vacuum with a good filter, to pick up anything that has settled on the floor or furniture that causes you grief. It is a good idea to wear a mask over your mouth and nose while doing the cleaning.

Living with allergies is no fun. However, with a bit of care, and the help of your immunologist, you should be able to get through the season feeling almost normal. Take care of yourself, and use these tips, and you can enjoy a day outside just as much as someone with no allergies.