Answers To Basic Questions About Treating Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a source of numerous dental problems for an almost countless number of patients. In addition to being painful when they come in, the emergence of wisdom teeth can create major cosmetic and functional problems for the mouth. Not surprising, it is usually required to remove these teeth before these issues can emerge. However, many patients are not familiar with this routine problem, and as a result, there are likely a couple of questions about their wisdom teeth that they need addressed. 

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Become Infected?

One of the most common problems that wisdom teeth will encounter is an infection. While infections are normally a relatively minor medical problem, they can cause major issues for your mouth. As your wisdom teeth erupt from the gums, there is a chance that small flaps of skin can hang over parts of the teeth. These flaps will trap food particles and they will create the ideal environment for bacteria to rapidly reproduce. 

When an infection develops with your wisdom teeth, the large amount of bacteria in the mouth can quickly spread to other teeth. In addition to causing intense pain, a spreading infection can also cause your other teeth to rapidly develop cavities. Luckily, your dentist should be able to treat these infections with prescription medications before they are able to cause permanent damage to your smile. 

What If The Tooth Needing To Be Removed Has Not Fully Emerged?

A common problem with wisdom teeth is that they can start causing major problems long before they have completely erupted. Whether it is simply the tooth causing intense pain or threatening to misalign the rest of the teeth in the mouth, it is often necessary to remove these teeth before they make it through the surface. 

This is done by making a surgical incision along the base of the wisdom tooth. By gently pulling the gums back, the dentist will be able to access the wisdom tooth and its root. While cutting these teeth out will require a slightly longer recovery time, there may not be a better option for addressing your unique problem. 

Having wisdom teeth removed has come to be viewed almost a rite of passage in modern society. However, despite the commonality of this type of extraction, there are many people that lack a basic understanding of this type of care. By understanding the realities behind these common myths, you will be in a better position to make smart choices when it comes to having this painful condition treated. For more information, contact a specialist like New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.