Beating Stress-7 Tips To Keep Anxiety From Beating You

Life is stressful. It is easy to become overwhelmed with everyday situations, but anxiety can be an even greater problem for some people. Here are some tips for overcoming anxiety before it overwhelms you.

1. Breathing Exercises-When faced with a stressful situation, many people find it beneficial to take deep breaths. Breathing in deeply, and slowly exhaling as you count to five or ten can help to calm you so that you can think more clearly in stressful situations.

2. Distraction and Decompression-Often, people find relief from anxiety by working on activities that they enjoy. Finding an activity that you enjoy to take your mind off of stressful situations helps you to refresh your mind each day. 

3. Keeping a Journal-Writing down your feelings and thoughts can sometimes provide stress relief. Getting them down on paper can help you to think more clearly, and reading them can sometimes be therapeutic in considering the rationality of your thinking. Pros and cons are often helpful in sorting through decisions without adding to anxiety.

4. Counseling-Many people find anxiety relief by speaking with a professional counselor. Having someone listen to your problems and help you reflect on the root causes of them can be extremely helpful. Licensed counselors can also recommend and prescribe additional therapies.

5. Neurostimulation Therapy-Some people are finding relief from severe anxiety by using a tens unit. This device is similar to the stimulation therapy used by chiropractors for acute pain, but the electrodes are placed on the ears or just below them on the neck in order to affect the brain. 

6. Medication-Sometimes anxiety is more related to a chemical imbalance, and not simply to stressful life situations. A clinical psychologist or psychiatrist can help you to decide if medication is the right approach for managing your anxiety. For some people, this is the most effective approach, but this is not the only approach. Seeking the help of a professional, from a place such as Psychological Associates of PA, can be the best way to determine this.

7. Accountability-Regardless of how you choose to manage your anxiety, please don't go at it alone. Everyone needs a confidant at some point in time. Having at least one friend to confide in can help to relieve stress exponentially. 

Anxiety does not have to rule your life. Using some of these techniques can help you to not only reduce your anxiety, but to also find the relief that you need. Please remember that it is okay to seek help, and a professional can help you to choose the strategies that will be most effective for you.