How Mobile Technology Can Increase Your Chances For Successful Long-Term Sobriety

For many recovering alcohol and drug addicts, getting clean is a huge uphill battle. Many addicts fight for weeks or months in rehab to get off drugs or alcohol, many with a lot of success doing so. However, the hardest part of getting alcohol or drugs is staying off of them for the rest of your life. Most rehabs do not have constant services available to help addicts stay clean after addiction treatment in rehab ends. Find out how mobile technology can be the constant companion for helping you stay clean after rehab. 

Mobile Apps For Reminding You

One of the most challenging parts of staying clean and sober after leaving a rehab center is steering clear of old friends and the places you used to go when high or to get high. Some mobile apps can act as a reminder when you go near these places, alerting you that it is not worth it. The locations of the places you should avoid can be put into your smartphone and when you get close to one, your app will ask you if it is worth losing your sobriety. Having a mobile reminder is like having a constant companions working to help you stay clean.

An App Can Be With You When A Counselor Cannot Be

Studies show that alcoholics that have continuing, long-term care after rehab treatment have greater chances at remaining clean than those patients that do not receive it. An alcohol or drug addiction can be tough to escape, especially when you haven't had a fix in a good while. During these times, having someone to remind you to hang in there can be a lot of help. Some mobile apps are designed to give you encouragement throughout each day at set intervals. For a recovering addict, having a bit of encouragement without having to contact a counselor is a huge supportive benefit. Consider the times when you may not be able to reach your counselor. A word that comes from your mobile phone may be the way to help you remember all the work you have done to get clean.

A Real Life Panic Button Is Beneficial

Your mobile app can have a panic button in the event you are unable to say no to a drink or drug. You can have up to two people that will answer that panic button call for giving you the support you need right then. Many rehab centers are providing the smartphone and these apps for their recovering addicts before they leave and get back into society. You can learn how to use your device before leaving the center. Having a panic button is certainly a huge benefit for anyone that does not have friends or family to help support their recovery.

Getting back into life without a drink or a drug can be hard for someone that has an addiction. By knowing you have support, however, you can take greater steps towards staying clean for longer. 

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