The Connection Between Acne And Insulin

Insulin is a natural hormone in your body that controls the sugar level in your blood. What you may not realize about insulin is that it may have some effects on the acne you have on your skin. Although researchers have not fully found all the connections between insulin and acne, they do believe that keeping your insulin level balanced is vital for acne prevention and treatment. Here are three things to understand about this.

How the sugar level in your blood operates

Each time you eat sugary foods, your body will produce insulin. The purpose of insulin is to convert the sugars into energy you can use later on. Your body will naturally store this energy until it is needed. When your body makes insulin, it stops the sugar level from getting too high in your bloodstream; however, it takes time for this process to occur.

When you consume a sugary snack, your sugar level in your blood will instantly increase. Once your body detects this, it will make the insulin it needs to reduce the sugar level. The result of this is a spike in the sugar level in your blood, and the other result is a spike in the insulin that is released to act with the sugar.

The effects of these spikes

According to several studies, these spikes can lead to the production of several different hormones in your skin, and these hormones can lead to the development of acne. In other words, each time you experience spikes in your sugar and insulin levels, you may be at risk for developing acne on your skin.

How you can avoid this problem

If you are struggling with acne right now or if you want to prevent acne, a good place to start is with changes to your diet. If you can eat the right foods, you might be able to keep your sugar level balanced more often, and this could reduce your risks of developing acne. To do this, you may want to start eating smaller meals throughout the day, and you may also want to cut back on sugary foods. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is another good step to take to help stabilize your sugar level.

Acne is a common problem among teens and adults, but there are ways to treat it. Unbalanced sugar levels is just one contributing factor to this problem, but a dermatologist may be able to help you find other ways to treat your skin. For more information, contact Medical Skin Care Center or a similar location.