Common Questions Concerning Physical Therapy

Suffering from a serious injury can be a stressful and trying experience for a person to go through. In addition to the potentially severe pain, individuals may find that their range of movement is sharply inhibited following an injury. Fortunately, physical therapy is designed to help patients that are suffering from these problems. However, if you have never had to receive this type of care, you may benefit from having a couple of basic questions answered.

What Happens If You Refuse To Undergo Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is often recommended to individuals that are recovering from serious injuries or major surgeries. However, there are some patients that may refuse to undergo these treatments. Regardless of the reason for this decision, it can have profound impacts on the patient's recovery. For example, it is common for your muscles to tighten and weaken during a long recovery process due to you being unable to use them. Without undergoing physical therapy, these muscles would be far more susceptible to suffering an injury in the future as well as being more difficult to move and generally weaker. Additionally, if the joint's alignment was affected by the injury, chronic pain may also follow. By receiving physical therapy, you will be better able to avoid these potentially severe complications.

What Type Of Treatments Are Administered By Physical Therapists?

It is fairly common for patients to be nervous prior to their first session with the physical therapist. There is often a concern that these sessions will be very painful, but it should be noted that a professional physical therapist will be able to minimize the discomfort that is experienced during these sessions.

Typically, patients will be required to perform basic exercises that are designed to enhance strength and flexibility. Additionally, the therapist may use massage techniques to help restore alignment and relieve pressure on nerves. During the first session with the therapist, the range of treatment options will be discussed so that you can be informed about what to expect from your future sessions.

Undergoing physical therapy can be an essential step in the recovery process for many patients that have suffered serious injuries or undergone major surgery. Sadly, it is common for individuals to be uninformed about the consequences of skipping physical therapy as well as the types of treatments that these professionals can administer, but if you understand these points, you may find it far easier to go through this process as an informed patient. Contact a business, such as the Clinic of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, for more information.