Wear A Prosthetic? Follow These Tips Nightly To Take Care Of The Amputation Site

If you are an amputee, wearing a prosthetic can be life-changing for you in a good way. However, you do have to take proper care of the skin at your amputation site if you want to prevent infections and other problems. Luckily, following these tips every night before you go to bed can help.

Remove the Prosthetic Daily

A good-quality prosthetic that fits properly can be extremely comfortable. It can be so comfortable, in fact, that you might feel content wearing it all the time. It is best to take it off every night before you go to bed, however. This gives the amputation site a chance to "breathe," which can help prevent infection and discomfort. Plus, it can help protect your prosthetic from accidentally being damaged while you sleep.

Carefully Examine the Amputation Site

When you remove your prosthetic each day, you should take the time to carefully examine the amputation site. Look for any blisters, chafing, sores or other wounds. Any wounds should be taken care of immediately to prevent infection and to ensure that you will remain comfortable while wearing your prosthetic. If you notice that chafing, sores or blisters are common, you should talk to your healthcare professional -- your prosthetic might not fit properly and could need to be adjusted.

Clean the Amputation Site Thoroughly

Once you have carefully inspected your amputation site for sores, you should use warm, soapy water to gently clean the area. This can help prevent sores, infection and bacteria. It will also help ensure that the prosthetic can be comfortably worn when you put it back on. It can also help prevent body odor.

Apply Lotion

It isn't uncommon for the skin at the amputation site to become dry, cracked and uncomfortable. This is why it's best to apply a small amount of your favorite moisturizing lotion before you go to bed. Gently massage the lotion into this area of the skin -- it's sure to feel good and will ensure that your skin is soft and supple when you are ready to put your prosthetic back on. Just make sure that the lotion has dried completely before you put your prosthetic back on; otherwise, it could cause discomfort or could make it difficult for you to wear your prosthetic properly.

It's a good idea to get into a routine of taking good care of your amputation site. Luckily, following these tips every night will help.

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