7 Tips for Writing Your Birth Plan

As the birth of your child nears, your ob-gyn might suggest that you create a birth plan. A birth plan can be helpful for you and your doctor and also ensure that your wishes concerning your birth are properly communicated. Here are some tips for writing a solid birth plan.

  1. Avoid using pre-printed forms. A birth plan should be personal and specific to you and your needs. If you want to use the form, limit its use to a guide to help you remember everything that you want to include.
  2. Research the different facets of labor and delivery. The more you know about what will happen during labor and delivery, the more detailed your birth plan will be. This step is especially important if this is your first time giving birth.
  3. Note your medical history. Even though your ob-gyn is familiar with your medical history, it is important that you include a brief summary of it in your plan. This will help to ensure that your doctor has taken any necessary precautions to ensure the healthy delivery of your child.
  4. List your pain control preferences. Detail whether or not you want to receive pain medication during labor. If are you are choosing to go through natural labor and delivery, explain what types of comforts you want in place, such as massages and music.
  5. Detail your newborn's care. The birth plan is not limited to just your labor and delivery. You also need to include a section detailing how you want your baby cared for. For instance, note whether or not you want to breastfeed and if your baby should receive certain vaccinations.
  6. Include concerns that you have. Not only will your ob-gyn see the birth plan, but the nurses who aid you during labor and delivery. Since you will have the most contact with them, it is important that you include any concerns that you have so the nurses will be aware of them.
  7. Discuss your postpartum care. Once you have given birth, you might need medications, such as pain medications and laxatives. Your plan should include your preferences regarding these medications.

There is no surefire way to prepare for the birth of a baby. Even with a great plan in place, everything could go completely different. However, having a good plan can help you mentally and emotionally prepare. It also helps friends, family, and your medical care providers like Richey Mark E MD PC. know what you want from the experience.