3 Things Your OB-GYN Will Do For You At Your 6 Week Postpartum Checkup

6 weeks after the delivery of your baby, you will be scheduled to visit your OB-GYN in order for them to give you a full checkup. This checkup is important for both physical, as well as mental reasons. This article will discuss 3 things your OB-GYN will do for you at your 6 week postpartum checkup, and why they are important.

Vaginal Checkup

If you have a vaginal delivery, your OB-GYN will check to make sure that things are healing up nicely in your vaginal area. They will check to see if your stitches dissolved (if you had any), and will make sure you don't have any infections or tears. In some rare cases, the stitches do not dissolve on their own, so your doctor may need to remove them for you during this appointment. Your OB-GYN will ask you if you are feeling any pain, and if so, they will want to know exactly where this pain is located so they can make sure that things look okay.

Talk With You About Postpartum Depression

Once they have checked to make sure that you are healing as you should be, they will talk with you about postpartum depression. They will tell you that this depression is feelings much more intense than simply being tired and/or stressed with your new baby, but instead feelings that are overwhelming you. They will explain to you that this is a normal feeling for some women after having a baby, and that you should get treatment if you are feeling this way. This is something that you should be very open and honest about because the help is there for you if you need it. And, even if you don't think you are experiencing postpartum depression, you can still talk with someone about your worries and stresses as a new mom; such as: your OB-GYN, a lactation consultant, a family member or friend, or even a therapist.

Prescribe Birth Control

Finally, they will talk with you about whether or not you would like birth control. They will explain to you right up front that you need to be using some type of protection, because it is very possible for you to get pregnant if you have intercourse. They will also explain to you how things might feel somewhat different during intercourse, now that you have had a baby. They will explain to you how it is wise to take things slow, and how you should definitely be using lubricant. This is especially true when breastfeeding because this keeps your vaginal area very dry, and lubricant will be needed to avoid pain. 

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